The Ultimate Guide to Dunk Tank: Fun Fundraising and Fervor

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Dunk tank

Dunk tank have long been a beloved attraction at events, combining the thrill of anticipation with the joy of seeing someone splash down. Whether for fundraising, school carnivals, or private parties, a dunk tank adds a unique element of fun. This guide covers everything from the basics of what a dunk tank is to creative uses and safety tips.

What is a Dunk Tank?

A dunk tank is an amusement attraction involving a large tank of water, above which a volunteer sits on a collapsible seat. Participants throw balls at a target, and a hit sends the volunteer plunging into the water. It’s a fun way to raise funds, entertain, and cool off, especially during warm weather events.

History of Dunk Tank

The dunk tank’s history traces back to early 20th-century carnivals and fairs in the United States. Originally designed as a test of accuracy for participants, it quickly became popular for its humorous and entertaining value, especially in fundraising and entertainment contexts.

Dunk tank

Types of Dunk Tanks Available

Portable Dunk Tanks

Ideal for events where mobility and ease of setup are key. These can be transported in a trailer and set up in minutes.

Trailer-Mounted Dunk Tanks

These are larger and offer a more permanent solution but require a vehicle for transportation. They’re suitable for large-scale events.

Inflatable Dunk Tanks

A newer variation, inflatable dunk tanks are safer and easier to set up but provide a similar level of excitement and fun.

How to Rent a Dunk Tank for Your Next Event

Renting a dunk tank involves considering your event size, audience, and budget. Contact local party rental companies for quotes and availability. Ensure you ask about delivery, setup, and any additional fees.

Setting Up Your Dunk Tank: Tips and Tricks

Choose a level, open area for setup, ensuring it can support the weight of the filled tank. Consider water access for filling the tank and plan for a refill strategy if the event is long.

Safety Guidelines for Dunk Tank Use

Safety is paramount. Ensure the tank is correctly assembled, and all participants meet the age and height requirements. Always have a supervisor present, and follow all manufacturer guidelines for use.

Creative Ideas for Dunk Tank Fundraisers

  • Local Celebrity Dunking: Involve local celebrities or authority figures to attract a larger crowd.
  • Themed Dunk Tanks: Create themes based on holidays, sports teams, or popular movies to increase participation.
  • Competitions: Organize competitions for accuracy or fundraising goals, offering prizes to top performers or donors.

Maintaining and Cleaning Your Dunk Tank

Regular maintenance is crucial for safety and longevity. After each event, drain, clean, and dry the tank thoroughly to prevent algae growth and odor. Inspect for damage and make necessary repairs before storage.


Dunk tanks offer a unique blend of entertainment, competition, and fundraising potential. With proper selection, setup, and maintenance, they can be a highlight of any event, bringing laughter and memorable moments to participants and spectators alike.

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