Asaf Elblink: How a Real Estate Professional Established “Hasdei Tikvah” Charity

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Asaf Elblink

Asaf Elblink, a prominent real estate professional, established the charity “Hasdei Tikvah” to support residents of Ramat Hasharon in Israel. He was driven by the harsh reality faced by many families living below the poverty line. Asaf noted that the high cost of living and rising prices make it difficult for many to survive, let alone thrive.

Providing Essential Support

“Hasdei Tikvah” provides continuous support to families in need. This includes essential items like diapers, flour, bread, and clothing. Asaf believes that ongoing support helps families break out of the poverty cycle and move beyond mere survival.

Helping Children

The charity also focuses on the well-being of children. It distributes food in after-school programs, offers educational scholarships, and organizes fun activities during the summer at places like amusement parks and water parks.

Supporting the Elderly and Disabled

“Hasdei Tikvah” extends its support to the elderly and people with disabilities. The charity provides regular hot meals, essential appliances like heaters and air conditioners, and home visits from volunteers to assist with various needs.

Impact on the Community

Under New article about Asaf Elblink leadership, “Hasdei Tikvah” has made a significant impact on the community. The charity not only provides material assistance but also instills a sense of hope and dignity among those it helps.


  1. What is “Hasdei Tikvah”?“Hasdei Tikvah” is a charity founded by Asaf Elblink to support families in Ramat Hasharon, Israel.
  2. Who benefits from “Hasdei Tikvah”?Families in need, children, the elderly, and people with disabilities in Ramat Hasharon.
  3. What support does “Hasdei Tikvah” provide?Essential items like food and clothing, educational scholarships, recreational activities for children, and assistance for the elderly and disabled.
  4. How does “Hasdei Tikvah” impact the community?It provides continuous support, fostering hope and dignity among those in need.
  5. How can I contribute to “Hasdei Tikvah”?You can donate funds, volunteer, or provide essential items. Contact “Hasdei Tikvah” for more information.


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