Heroes In Red: The Ionic Firefighter Costume

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Firefighters put their lives on their sakes and enter the places of incidents, encountering hazardous conditions such as heat, flames, smoke, and falling debris what keeps them safe from all these mishaps is their firefighter costume, With advancements in technologies firefighters are presented with new and better types of equipment and firefighter costumes which provides their safety in dangerous conditions associated with their jobs.

Insides Of Firefighter Costume:

Bunker gear, turnout suits, or firefighter costumes all are the terms used for firefighters’ protective clothing. Let’s look into more details in the firefighter costume so we may have a better stance on how it provides protection

1 Coat:

The coat of firefighter costume is made up of several layers. Firstly, the outside layer is made of fire resistive kevlar/Nomex with Ripstop weave Then the inner layer is a thermal layer with a moisture barrier, this moisture barrier prevents liquids from steeping into other layers. The yellow and silver strips on the coat act as reflectives which allows them to see in the dark. 

2 Pants:

The pants in the firefighter costume are of special materials which are heat and fire-resistant. The inner layer is made of waterproof material not giving excess to any dangerous liquids. These material pants keep them warm in winter but in summer they feel like hell when you are already dealing with the fire.

3 Air Tank:

 We call air tanks a self-contained Breathing apparatus (SCBA). These are made up of seamless aluminum which gives the liberty of firefighters to allow them to breathe fresh air for the next half an hour while they work in smoke-filled challenging environments.

4 Face Mask:

These face masks are connected to the air tank by a hose providing fresh air to the fighters. Each firefighter has their own piece which is fitted according to their face as it is very important so that no fresh air escapes.

5 Helmets: 

Helmets are made up of strong and high flame-resistant fiberglass. It gives protection to the fighter from heat, water, or any dangerous liquids or heavy debris. 

6 Nomex Hood:

Ensuring safety and comfort, it is essential to wear these hoods as it covers the area which is not covered by helmets and face mask furthermore they are fire resistant which is obviously a plus point for fighters.

7 Gloves:

Firefighters wear thick black leather gloves which protect their hands from any injury they may encounter. They need to wear gloves to their hands safe from any toxic and harmful substances.

8 Boots:

Hazards the firefighters face are uncountable and the boots they wear should be able to counter a variety of conditions. Boots are made up of rubber or leather and have steel toes for protection.

Pros of Firefighter Costume: 

Now that we know about the firefighter costume, let’s look into it why is essential to wear this suit

1 Protection from Heat and Flames:

As we are aware all the suits of firefighters are flame resistant, meaning they protect the firefighter from the intense heat and flames allowing them to enter the place of incidents.

2 Assurance against Toxic Gases:

Firefighter costumes are designed as a barrier against toxic gases and smoke. Inhaling or even coming in contact with these substances is harmful so these gears provide safety and safeguard the firefighters.

3 Moisture Barrier:

As we know places of accidents are the worst situation one could ever think of, firefighters costumes act as a barrier for water or any other harmful and toxic substances to steep in the layers of the gear.

4 Exceptional Visibility:

The coats of the firefighters have strips of bright colors or we can also call them reflective strips. As they ensure visibility in smoky or dark places. The visibility is essential allowing firefighter to gauge their next steps.

5 Durability:

To be a firefighter is not a piece of cake, one has to endure hard and difficult times. These firefighters’ costumes are those that can withstand harsh and tough conditions.

6 Thermal Insulators:

The best part of the firefighter costumes is that they are thermal insulators meaning they keep the body safe in extreme temperatures.

Conclusion Of Firefighter Costume:

So far we got to know a lot about firefighter costumes, as to why they are essential and how they provide safety. Firefighter suit gives us assurance against heat, flames, toxic substances, and falling of heavy debris and gases. They also ensure high and clear visibility with reflective strips and thermal insulation and durability all these top-notch qualities minimize the risks and dangers they may face in their jobs. 

Not only does it provide the safety of their lives but also it provides the comfort of mind as they know they are wearing safety precautions which helps them to boost their confidence. Their confidence is also quite important to answer the emergencies and to tackle the situation in the best way possible without any further mishaps are their calls.  Hence, wearing a firefighter suit is not only a requirement but it is a much-needed necessity, which not only protects their lives but also helps those in need.

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